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The Paper Company has been family owned and operated since being established by Mike and Jody Madden in 1982. The entire family is in the paper business, including sons, Matt, Mike, Marc, Morgan, daughter Mandy, AND 11 grandchildren,who will eventually find their way into some aspect of our company! This assures all of our clients that our commitment to our customers will remain for generations to come.

Experience the difference with The Paper Company

  • The Paper Company is a trusted local distributor since 1982
  • Outstanding flexible service tailored to your needs
  • 3000+ products to meet your business requirements
  • Convenient on-line ordering
  • Environmentally responsible company




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Purchasing Manager Job Description:

  • Forecast procurement needs.
  • Continually develop expertise to support growth for new projects.
  • Monitor macro trends in supplier and contract base and implement plans to react.
  • Build and develop relationships with key suppliers and customers.
  • Identify and develop training opportunities.
  • Order materials and services as per negotiated and appropriately approved.
  • Review quotations.
  • Prepare purchase requisitions, approve and issues purchase orders in accordance with company policy and negotiated terms and conditions.
  • Track Purchasing activity and measurements.
  • Training purchasing Agents in the department.
  • Discuss defective or unacceptable new goods or services with users, vendors and others to determine cause of problem and take corrective and preventative action.
  • Manage vendor relationships and assist in building effective partnerships.
  • Assist department in developing and implementing purchasing strategies for products.
  • Taking over an existing project of customized and private label products.
  • Responsible for planning, developing and buying materials, parts, supplies and equipments in a timely and cost effective way; timely manner while maintaining appropriate quality standards and specifications.
  • Dealing with suppliers.
  • Dealing with Brokers.
  • Develop and review purchase requests and ensure authorization as necessary to facilitate the timely purchase of new food products.
  • Help to lower the cost and secure agreements.
  • Liaise with Accounts Payable Department to ensure accurate and timely payment of invoices, as necessary for the business with the supplier.