Hello Online Ordering Customer of The Paper Company,      


Thank you for using our new online ordering system. It is encouraging to see that we have many customers who have signed up for and are successfully using our new online ordering system. With that said, we have had some instances where customers have had some questions and concerns. Below are some frequently asked questions and the corresponding answers:


Q: When I log in to my account, sometimes it says “Invalid Token,” what do I do to fix this issue?

Q: Sometimes when I go to “Proceed to Checkout,” I click on the button and my cart comes up as empty, why does the system do this?

Q: When I “Proceed to Checkout,” the screen goes blank and reads “Invalid Token,” is there any way to fix this?


A: The answer to all of these questions is a very simple solution. Our website does not function at its full capacity when being opened using the “Internet Explorer” web browser. This web browser has caused issues for many customers using the website for online ordering and these issues listed in the above questions can be solved by simply using another browser such as: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari. Using these other web browsers almost always solves the above issues.



Q: When I add items to My Cart by entering quantities into the blank fields next to the items, and then I go to the next page on the list of My Products, my cart will show as empty and none of my entries will be saved. How can this problem be fixed?


A: When adding items in My Cart, it is very important to always click on the blue icon that reads “Add items to Cart” before moving on to another page or before going to the My Cart page. It is not necessary to click on the icon after every entry, but it is important that it is clicked once all items on that page have been filled in with the necessary quantities for the order, before moving on to another page.



Q: There is an item that I found in the Our Products section of the website that is not on the My Products list that I order from, how do I get it on the My Products list?


A: New items can be added or removed from the My Products list by contacting customer service via email or phone, both of which are listed below in our contact information. After you have contacted us the items will automatically be uploaded to your My Products list within 20 minutes of me adding them on and will be ready for you to order.




We hope that these FAQs will help to solve and alleviate any issues or confusion that you have had with our online ordering system. If you have any other comments, concerns, or questions about anything involving our online ordering system, do not hesitate to contact us directly via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone: (800) 834-6248, Monday through Friday from 8:30am- 5:00pm. Thank you and have a great day.